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The Working Mom | Working Woman

If you are a working woman then you might be looked upon as one who doesn’t really love her kids as much as she should. You might be seen as one who only has low-quality time and attention left to give your kids. You might be seen as wrongly ambitious, missing the “calling” of a Christian woman and competing with your husband for authority.

Read the Proverbs 31 woman lately?

She was in the marketplace. She hired someone to care for her kids so she could work. She had several jobs and excelled at them. Her work provided for the family. She was an entrepreneur, a real estate investor, involved in crafts, negotiations, and investments. And her husband and family rose up and called her “blessed.”

So, if she is the example of a woman of excellence then fear the Lord and follow her lead.

Whether you have to work due to financial constraints or you want to serve the Lord in the marketplace due it with integrity, honor, excellence, and love. You can be a light in the darkness in your workplace. Go to work with God each day and work for Him rather than others. Please Him with your efforts. Fear the Lord.

If others have problems with your work, it is just that – their problem. Christian women in the workplace that truly know Christ have opportunities to reach others, show Christ, and glorify Him in a way that others might not have. Your job is of great value and not only financially. Don’t let anyone look down on you.

Biblical Study on Christian Women

You might want to read a study on Christian women in the New Testament and the various roles a Christian woman played.

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