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The Woman Leader

If the Lord has called you to leadership, in whatever position or capacity, then your only answer is “yes.”

However, you must spend time with God and make sure you heard Him correctly. Check your heart and your motivations. Is there anything inside you that is pushing for a high position rather than a heart to serve wherever He asks? If so, that is your flesh and not the Spirit. Is there any desire to take a lower position than the one God is calling you to? If so, that is fear and fear always has a lie under it. The lie could be about performance, perfection, worth, and could also be your flesh and not the Spirit.

If, after a careful and thorough examination of your heart before the Lord, you have peace that it is indeed God’s will for you to step up, then be obedient and do what He is asking. That is His Spirit working with your spirit.

Both men and women sometimes will oppose a Christian woman in leadership. Unless you know that you know that you know God has called you AND that you have Biblical grounds for this call, you will not have rest either from the outside or the inside.

Go to my study on “Christian women in the church” and find out what women have done in the body of Christ. Also, read biographies, studies, and research in Scripture and elsewhere why you have the right to serve the Lord.

Finally, before you begin to be a woman leader or any leadership position, decide to be strong in the Lord, serve Him well, love others as He did and always take a humble, servant-leader position.

Be only what the Lord requires of you and let those who oppose this take it up with Him.

Biblical Study on Christian Women

You might want to read a study on Christian women in the New Testament and the various roles a Christian woman played.

What has not changed since our Lord walked the earth is His love for women no matter their role and His call to them to be godly, God-glorifying women of God.

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