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This is a War for your Soul – You Must Win

We are daily at war but some days I choose to not join the fight. Maybe I’m tired, or busy or I just want some R&R. Unfortunately, not only does the war not stop and wait for me to rejoin, it also ups its attacks when I back down.

The enemy’s goal is to separate me from God. That takes away my resources, power, life, purpose, and victory. It takes me off course and away from those that fight next to me. It also keeps me from rescuing others from the enemy’s camp.

The separation tactics are relentless but if we know them then we have already won.

1. Pleasure - there is much in the world that is good.

here is also that which entices, that seduces, that addicts. Pleasure is a main scheme that is used to draw us from God. It gets us to love the creation more than the Creator. It gets us focused on the things of the world rather than of heaven. It is a respite from the fight and a reason not to return to battle.

2. Pressure - if he can’t pleasure you away from God, then pressure is a second tactic used.

Pressure comes in many forms – busyness, financial worries, relationship issues, health concerns, crisis – both personal and in the world. The goal here is to keep us focused on survival and to question the goodness of God. We have little breathing space let alone time and energy for a fight when pressure is our constant companion.

3. Disinformation - this scheme is intertwined in pleasure and pressure and also stands alone.

Our minds are overwhelmed with the amount of information coming at us 24/7. We are bombarded with differing and opposing information. We are assaulted mentally and emotionally as truth is questioned and we are coerced into shifting what we believe or adopting new revelations of how life should be. Scripture is tortured until it means the opposite of what it says and the church itself is filled with deception and misinformation.

This is a war for your soul.

Your enemy does not sleep. He has no care or concern for you. He seeks to steal, kill and destroy. He is without remorse and has nothing of light in him. His hatred knows no bounds and is directed foremost at those that love the Lord.

This is a fight you cannot opt-out of and that you must win. The good news is that the victory is already won and the Victor is with you.

Take your stand with Him and refuse to lose ground. Be vigilant of the messages of pleasure, pressure, and disinformation and take them captive to Christ. Fill your minds with truth and the lies will be glaringly obvious and keep you from falling for them.

Do not be afraid only stand unmoveable until the end. I’m here right next to you in the fight.

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