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“Too Much”…Those Are Not Your People

Last week I posted this photo on my personal Facebook page and a lot of people responded. Apparently, this resonated in a big way. I thought I’d see if it does for you too.

“Too much.” 

Too much what – energy, personality? Too many opinions, beliefs? Too much for them? 

If we are “too much” for some that doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with us but that is often how we interpret it. 

We are far too willing to reject ourselves, conform ourselves to what others want us to be, and play small to avoid their rejection. 

When did they become the deciders of our worth?

What if God made you to please Himself regardless of what anyone else thought? What if you are truly His masterpiece as He says that you are? Did He make a mistake designing you and others know better?

Jesus was way too much for almost everyone when He walked the earth. Those that thought they knew better than God couldn’t see Jesus for who He was and rejected Him. He WAS too much for them. They weren’t His people so He created His own people – us. 

We ARE also too much for some people but, that’s okay. We are a “peculiar people” of God’s own choosing. Within the people of God, we are allowed to be His design. At least we should be. 

Don’t get me wrong, being rejected still can be painful. But I learned a while ago that not every “too much” is a referendum on my worth as a human being or my design. Sometimes people just simply aren’t interested. And/or we just aren’t a good fit.

And that is totally fine.

So when you find that some think you “too much,” do these 3 things:

  1. Let go of their opinion. They stand right next to you at the foot of the cross. That ground is level. They are no better or worse than you. If the Lord delights in your design then adjust your crown and go on with your day.
  2. Focus on your design. Got some quirks? Good. Me too. It is what makes us interesting and unique. When you love and accept yourself, it’s much easier to stay okay when you aren’t someone else’s cup of tea. Be every bit of your design and glorify God being it.
  3. Find your people.  Don’t spend so much time trying to fit in with those who will only accept you if you become what they want you to be. Find those that are also too much for this world and do life together. Delight in their design and they can delight in yours.

Too much is relative. It is subjective. It is an opinion only. For some, you will be absolutely perfect. For others, not so much. Both are okay. 

Start by being comfortable being you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. God knows it. You need to make sure you know it and then others, who are your people, will know it too. 

How did you react to the picture?

Message me at and let me know.

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