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The Simple Life

The Industrial Revolution changed the way we do daily life.  More and more “conveniences” made it possible to have more time.  We filled that “free” time, packing it full until we became slaves to endless opportunities and to-do lists.  

The Computer Revolution added a new layer of hecticness and confusion.  Now, everything you wanted to know was available immediately.  People are information overloaded and a local problem has become a national crisis as news spreads quickly.  

Every waking moment can now be filled with mindless, pointless activities but so many are asking if so much available is so much needed.

The Modern Church Revolution morphed Sunday School and worship into programs and processes that moved us away from a simple faith into megachurches, televised sermons, concert-like worship, and entertainment-driven teaching.  All we need is popcorn and a soda as we enter the doors.

The Coming Simple Revolution

People are tired of the hustle and bustle.  Sick to death of every moment scheduled till there’s is a suffocating lack of breathable space.  Minds ponder a different time when people knew their neighbors, grew food in their yard, and life and mind rested easier.

There is a longing to return to a more simple life.  Complicated, busy lives are life-sucking and offer no rest.  So, many are “returning to the land” as much as possible.  There is a move toward gardening, homemade products, and even simple church.

We want a simple life and a simple faith.  We want things to slow down so we can smell the roses – and we want to grow them ourselves.  We pant for quiet time with the Lord that is restful and restorative and filled with thankfulness and adoration and simplicity.

It’s Your Move

You absolutely can simplify your life.  You can slow it down, declutter it, give it meaning and purpose. You can simplify your life down to the core by placing Christ at the center of it and having all of your life bows to Him.

You can and do have the power to change your life.  You just have to decide to do it.

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