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The Bible is Made for Real Life

The Bible speaks of life with God over a period of thousands of years. It was inspired by the Spirit of God and written by the hand of kings and shepherds, rich and poor, on three different continents and as many languages. It tells of cultures and historical events that sometimes seem to have little direct application for our lives today.

Not so. The Bible is a living document from the loving hand of our God to us. It is designed to tell us of our God and how to live before Him. It holds healing, encouragement, prophecy of what will come, wisdom, the pain of humanity, and the striving of God to set us free.

One interpretation – many applications

The Word was written for a particular people, in a specific culture and time period. The author had an intentional message for those people and one that they would have understood in the context of their day. It has only one interpretation and that is what the writer intended to say to those people in that time for a specific reason.

We cannot say, “this is what it means to me” because it actually doesn’t matter what we think it means, it only matters what it does mean.” Scripture is of no private interpretation the Word itself tells us. We must say, “this is what the text says and means and these are the ways I will apply it to my life.” We can take the truths given in the Word and apply them to our lives today.

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Bible studies

On this page, you will find an ever-growing number of links to short, concise studies designed to have immediate relevance and application to your life. I will be adding to these studies continually so please check back. If there is a Scriptural issue or question you would like answered then send a note via the contact form to your left and I will do my best.

Adam to Christ – the really short version

There is one story from Genesis through to the end of Scripture. This is a very short overview of what exactly happened and what God came to do about it.

Christian women what did they do then and what are we to do today?

What exactly did Christian women do in the first church? And what about those tough Biblical texts, what do they mean for a woman following Christ today? Find out here.

Nehemiah the unrelenting love of God.

God never changes and we can see ourselves in those He has cared for in the past. In this Bible study, we look at the heart and acts of both the Lord and His people with a view to ourselves.

God’s cure for Anxiety

This study from the book of Philippians goes into detail on how God has provided a way to calm our hearts and minds and find His peace rather than anxiety.

Abide in Christ what does that mean?

Look at what Scripture means by the word “abide” and what it means to your life as well.

The Blame Game

Placing blame on others only brought ruin to Saul and lost him his position as king.

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“I work with individuals to actually find themselves in Christ and have their lives truly function well in Him. Often I am serving those most hurt by the world – those who have experienced severe trauma and abuse and helping them to find complete healing from the pain and the memories.

I have seen the Lord heal hundreds. Nothing has been too difficult for Him.”