Understand the sixty-six books
in one story

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The Bible Explained

Sixty-six books written by forty authors in three different languages over a period of time of 1600 years on three
different continents – this is the Bible.

Do you wish you could have the bible explained so that all of this fits together and you understood the
big picture as well as the details?

There are a lot of characters in this Biblical story. Think of some: Noah, Isaiah, Joshua, Abraham, Paul, Miriam and Deborah, for example. Could you place them in a Biblical timeline and know how the Lord was working through them in His Story and for His eternal purposes? No?

Want the Bible explained so that you can?

There is only one story in the Bible

There is only one story that runs through all sixty-six books of the Bible. THE story is the person of God and His love and interaction with mankind as He brings eternal redemption through His Son Jesus Christ so that we might know Him and adore Him forever.

But with all of the books and people and events sometimes that one story gets lost. The Bible Explained will help you to understand His Story and fit all the pieces together in it.

The Bible Explained is a way to see the big picture

This ebook is a way to learn and keep the big picture in mind and to be able to place people and events within the big picture. It has the detail and the big picture in mind so that you will come away really understanding the Bible.

This ebook will also help you to praise and worship God for His magnificent plan as the Bible is explained and you see His loving hand throughout His Story.

Sixty-six books, one story - understood

You can know the Bible, be able to place characters and events accurately within the Bible and understand each person’s and event’s meaning and impact.

Imagine having the Bible explained in a way that is easy to understand, makes sense and helps to move you closer to God. And the cost – $12. You will have an immediate download of this ebook as soon as you purchase.

The Bible does make sense. It is not disjointed stories and people but one, amazing, magnificent plan of God!

This is your story. This is your history and your future. Know it. Understand it. Start right now to have the Bible explained and give God the glory for His wisdom, power and loving interaction with His creation.

My guarantee

If you order The Bible Explained and don’t find it helpful in finally understanding the Bible just let me know and I will refund your money.

I want you to understand God’s plan and how He has loved and worked with mankind throughout history. I want you to be able to see the big picture and how it all fits together so wonderfully.

This is why I wrote this book, why I write all my books. The book fees covers my time away from my job so that I can write and the costs of running this site – it doesn’t make me rich nor do I want to be. I do want you to be rich in your knowledge of and relationship with God. So, if this book doesn’t help you to grow and move closer to the Lord then I absolutely want to give you back the cost of the book.

I know if you seek to understand God will give you understanding. If you desire to know Him better He will take you deeper in your relationship with Him. If you desire to center your life around Him then He will bring you peace and intimacy and joy with Him. Our God is good and I want you to know Him and His Story fully.

I want you to know the joy of being part of God’s plan. If this ebook doesn’t help you to do that then I want to give you back the purchase price so you can find a different resource that will help you.




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