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Nehemiah – the Unrelenting Love of God

In this study from the book of the prophet Nehemiah, we can see the hearts and acts of God and of the people. It is condensed so we can see the main struggle in the people of the day of Nehemiah.

Following the tone, I have continued forward in time to tell of the continuing works of God. Read it knowing that it was written for a different time and people but also to examine your own heart and way with the Lord.

You alone are LORD

You are the Creator

You are sovereign – all heaven bows before You

You chose Your servant

You look for faithful hearts

You make a covenant with them

You fulfill Your promises

You are righteous

You see the affliction of Your people

You hear their cries

You perform signs and wonders

You know the arrogance of Your enemies

You make a great name for Yourself

You divided the sea

You destroyed Your enemies

You led Your people

You came down from heaven to speak to Your people

You gave just ordinances, true law, good statutes, and commandments

You made known Your holy Sabbath

You provided bread for Your people

You brought forth water for them

You gave them a land

They acted arrogantly against You

They were stubborn of heart

They would not listen to Your commandments

They did not remember all You had done for them

They wanted to return to slavery instead of staying in the freedom You provided

They chose an idol over You

You are a God of forgiveness, gracious

You are compassionate slow to anger, abounding in loyal love

You did not forsake Your people when You gave Your good Spirit to instruct them

You still provided food and water

You provided for them all the days they wandered

You gave them kingdoms and peoples

You gave them a land

You made their descendants as numerous as the stars

You subdued their enemies

They became disobedient

They rebelled against You

They discarded Your law

They killed Your prophets

They committed great blasphemies

You allowed their enemies to provide Your discipline

You heard their cry and had compassion for them

You gave them deliverers

They did evil after they received Your rest

You again allowed their enemies to provide Your discipline

You heard again their cry from heaven

You rescued them many times according to Your compassion

You admonished them to return to covenant

They acted arrogantly toward You

They did not listen to Your commandments

They turned stubborn, stiff, and unlistening hearts to You

You bore with them for many years

You admonished them by Your Spirit and Your prophets

They would not listen

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You gave them again into the hands of their enemies

You were compassionate and they were not destroyed

You are a gracious and compassionate God

You are great, mighty, and awesome

You keep Your covenant and loyal love

You are just allowing the consequences of sin

You have dealt faithfully

They have acted wickedly

Their leaders have not kept Your law, commandments, or admonitions

You were great in goodness toward them

They did not serve You or turn from their evil deeds

They became slaves in the land You gave them

Because of their sins, they are in great distress

You sent Your Son so our sins might be forgiven and we might know You

You allowed humanity to see, touch, hear and be loved by You

You invited Your people into a new relationship with You

They rejected and killed Your Son

cross of Jesus Christ under clouds with sun rays

You raised Him from the dead and reconciled us to Yourself

You sent Your Spirit to indwell those who would believe

You made a new creation and a new covenant

You gave eternal life to Your people

You wrote to tell us how redeemed people should live before You

You told us of our future and made a promise of rewards for those who are faithful

You walk in intimacy with those who love You

You provide all that is needed for life and godliness

You made freedom available for all who will give to You their lives

Because of our sins we are in great distress

You are faithful to forgive us our sins

You will cleanse us from all unrighteousness

You will restore us to fellowship

You will give us peace

You offer us joy in all our circumstances

You will rebuild the broken places of our lives

You make a people of us

You will cause the nations to recognize that You are our God

You will accomplish Your will through our yielded lives

You will be glorified through us

Because of all this, we are repenting of our sins before You.

We are renewing Your covenant with us.

We will be Your people and You will be our God.

Allow the Word in Nehemiah to examine your own heart. If you find that your heart is struggling in the same way that the people of the day of Nehemiah were then continue to reread the passages that tell of our God. Let the truth of Who He is change who you are. It worked for the people of the day of Nehemiah and knowing God still transforms us now.

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I have seen the Lord heal hundreds. Nothing has been too difficult for Him.”