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Make Your Own Rules

Rules hamper our freedom and make us legalistic right? Not if you make your own rules they don’t. If you set them up yourself, then they will set you free.

Before you think I’m leading you down a heretic’s road, hear me out.

Think of it this way: every home has their own set of rules and those rules are made to create and maintain the type of living that is desired. They create structure, order, and ensure that life is what we want it to be. They keep chaos from taking over and ensure that we treat each other well.

We set rules for our homes – you can set your own rules for our lives.

How many times have you said, or heard someone else say, for example, “I need to spend more time in the Word?” That is a great desire but unless we put some rules in place to make it happen that same sentence will come from our mouths days or weeks later with no actual change in behavior.

If my heart’s desire is to be reading Scripture but I find that I have little time, or get distracted, or whatever, I can make my own rule for reading. Here’s mine:

I will not read anything after I wake up until I read the Word.

That means no email, can’t read the paper, nothing. This rule is made for me alone and its purpose is to help me to do what I really want to do. It creates a structure for my purpose. It is a rule, a law that serves me. And this rule will help me to become who I really want to be rather than life dictating that for me.

Some days I just want to grab a cup of tea and sit with the paper but I know that my day will start right after that and I will miss out on the time with the Lord that will actually make my day worth living. My rule enforces my desire.

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Some rules are bigger than others

Every home has some rules over them that are overall their neighbors as well depending on where they live and the standards of the community. There are also rules made by the city and government where they live. These are not the ones we are talking about here. We are to obey the laws of the land but as Christians, we have another set of rules over us – Love God with all that we are and Love our neighbors as ourselves.

Just as in the example of reading Scripture in the morning you can make your own rules to help you focus on your relationship with God and then to focus outward to those He places in your lives.

You can set your own rules for personal and spiritual growth, finances, relationships, work, and free time in such a way that they provide support and structure for the life you are building in Christ.

Rules, rules and more rules

If you think about it, there are lots of rules you can put in place to help you grow. In school, many of those were made for us and the consequences helped us obey them. Read this, study that, write these, do this homework, and whether you followed the rules or not determined your grade.

One day we will also be graded on our lives and that will be in front of the Lord. How we structure our lives in order to live for Him will show on that day.

He has told us to “walk worthy” of our calling. Making your rules for living is completely about that.

Your own rules

What do you need to put into place, what rules can you write for yourself that will help you to walk worthy?

Ask yourself what you really want to change or add to your personal life, then create a rule to make sure you make it happen.

To help you think through making your own rules go to the self-improvement page for ideas on where to start.

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I have seen the Lord heal hundreds. Nothing has been too difficult for Him.”