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Life Skills to Successful Living

What are life skills? They are techniques, abilities, and proficiencies in specific areas that give us the key to live successfully.

Without these abilities, daily living sure becomes more difficult than it needs to be. When we develop these skills, our days become less chaotic, less dramatic, and more enjoyable.

We can divide life skills into three areas:

Thinking skills - how we process our world

We made decisions every day and our ability to do so is developed as we weigh different options. To solve problems, we use logic and memory of past successes and failures. We plan and take action on our decisions based on our goal setting skills.

Developing how we think is essential to making wise choices and living according to what we believe and what God wants for us.

What are you reading, watching, and pondering that increases your ability to reason and add wisdom to your life? On the opposite side, what are you reading, etc. that is decreasing your ability to be wise and reason well?

We can grow in this area or we can lose ground by what we are consistently doing or not doing to increase our ability to think.

Emotional skills - how we feel in our world

Emotional skill is absolutely essential for living a Christian life. Our world has many ups and downs and we can walk with the Lord through them using the abilities we are learning.

Our self-confidence and self-esteem must be developed in line with what Christ says about us. He believes in us and loves us no matter what anyone else may think or feel toward us. Our self-esteem comes from His love for us and that cannot be shaken by the world.

We must have self-discipline to not allow our emotions to carry us away. We need to take personal responsibility for our actions and learn to win and lose gracefully.

We need to develop anger management skills when life comes at us hard and to learn from our mistakes. All these are emotional life skills that can be developed with a bit of effort.

Social skills - how we relate to our world

Jesus Christ had the ability to socialize with all types of people – some of whom most of us would not. He was interested in people, their lives, and most importantly their relationship with the Father. Because they knew that He listened and cared about them, they were willing to discuss the depths of their lives with Him.

Most people are thinking of what they are going to say next when someone is talking to them. That means they are not really listening. If we are not caring enough to listen then we will find that it is very difficult to make deep connections with others.

Learning communication and conflict skills is a good place to learn to relate socially in a way that leads to true connection. As we connect, we can learn to work together as a team.

That will bring us to time management. Time management is a social necessity as well as a skill for daily life. Being on time for others is a way to show that they are valued and respected. So, as we manage our time we can be there for others.

Life skills are essential to successful living.

We have only touched on the topic of Life Skills here, but I hope that you are getting the idea that you can learn and grow in each area and that it will make an impact upon your life.

If you are looking for more information, there are many books available on these topics. As you look through the different areas above and see one or two where you feel you could grow, then find a book on it and buy it. Learn what you need to in order to be who you are supposed to.

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