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Your Original, Wonderful Inner Child is Waiting

The Original Child

Once upon a time, there was an amazing, fun, wonderful, filled with potential child – you.
This original you set out with wonder and incredible possibilities of becoming. She is worthy, significant, and loved. And, then…life.
Those that made up the world around you started to reflect back a strange image. Strange because the reflection wasn’t of the truly amazing child you were made to be. Instead, the image was a not-enough child, unworthy or insignificant.
The message absorbed was not that you were safe to discover your identity and the world around you. The message was to become what others wanted, to deny the amazing YOU to fit others’ expectations and desires. And, you did.
You left that amazing, original you behind as you learned to conform and to perform. You focused on your need to survive.
Years went by and you became good at being what others wanted, at being what you thought you should be. And, the sadness started.
Even success had sadness, unworthiness, not-enoughness behind it and that kept you from enjoying life fully or feeling comfortable in your own skin. Instead of life being an adventure worth your all, it became an up and down, never-ending ride of sameness, of maybe someday, of a feeling of something missing. And, you are left with, “Is this all there is?”
Deep inside though, the original, wonderful inner child is still there waiting.
It is time for her to emerge, strip off the labels and “shoulds” and “have to’s” and take her rightful place in the world. It is time for you to take back her life, her destiny. It is time for joy, real, unabashed, unashamed joy.
Let’s set her free together.

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