We all need some help at times.

Christian Individual Counseling
to Heal Your Life

Most of us try everything we know to do first before we realize we need outside help. This is when Christian individual counseling can make the difference.

Working with a counselor can make a vast improvement in every area of your life. With help, you can learn to let go of what is holding you back, become the person you dreamed you could be, find healing for the wounds of your heart, and be set free from the bondage that has imprisoned you.

You will also find that you come to know Christ more intimately and your faith will become real, solid, and precious as He works with you in counseling.

Gain Freedom from the Past

Past, unresolved issues that still haunt and hinder life today can be healed as you work with me

Resolve Relationship Struggles

Personal relationships that are strained or dysfunctional can be restored and you can learn new ways to relate.

photo of two couple sitting showing relationship struggles

Learn to Change Your Behaviors

The struggle to overcome problem behaviors and habits can finally end as we find the core reasons causing them.
You can…

Deepen Your Relationship with Christ

Your relationship with God can be deepened, strengthened, and renewed as you experience His gentle, loving, and powerful presence in counseling.

Woman spreading her arms as a sign of freedom from pain and abuse

Heal from Grief and Loss

The lack of joy and peace in daily life that comes from loss can be resolved as you work through the grief process and find comfort in Christ through Individual Christian Counseling.

Start Your Individual Counseling with Me

If you are struggling in your daily life due to past or present problems, then Christian Individual Counseling will help you find the freedom and healing for those issues that are keeping you stuck.

Use the contact form and let me know where you are struggling and I can help or you can book your own appointment online and make payment at the same time.

We can work together in three different ways:
Counsel by meeting with me at Expedition Church in Payson, AZ,  video conference or Counsel by phone.


I have yet to see an individual that has not found great transformation and new freedom through Christian counseling. Whatever your issue, there is hope and healing available for you.


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