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We Either Believe God is Good All the Time or we Don’t Believe He is Good at All

If I were to enter your church and ask, “Is God good?,” the vast majority of those in the pews would wholeheartedly agree that He is good. Yet, so many don’t actually believe it. They believe it intellectually but not in their heart of hearts.

How can I say this? These same people when hardship strikes, when a terminal illness comes, when financial or personal or relational tragedies strike will say to God, “This isn’t fair! Why did you do this to me?” In essence, they are accusing God, “YOU ARE NOT GOOD!”

God is not good is the lie that the serpent used to deceive Eve. His tactics haven’t changed much and we still fall for it.

“God is not good. He is holding out on you. He isn’t giving you what is best. He is toying with you.”
“You can’t truly trust Him to care for you, meet your needs and provide for you. You better take life into your own hands.” And, so we do.

Life strikes us hard and our first reaction, like Adam’s, is to blame God for not being good. “It’s your fault. If you hadn’t __________ then I wouldn’t have to hide from you and be angry with you and blame you. It’s your fault because you are not good.”

God is good all the time

Here’s the deal: God is either all good, all the time or He is not good at all.

We can’t have it both ways. He can’t be good when our lives are going well but He isn’t good when they aren’t. He is good when life falls apart, when we are given months to live, when we watch our loved ones suffer, when the world is in chaos. He doesn’t change – He is always good.

We either believe God is good all the time or we don’t. The challenges of our life show which one.

This does not mean that I cannot weep, grieve, or hurt to my core. We live in a fallen world and we long for home. This side of heaven is so very hard. We see so much pain, so much sin. But, in the midst of this, we can believe that our good God does indeed have a plan.

We can choose to believe that He prepares a place for us where pain and sin can no longer touch us. We can believe that He is good and powerful and love and trust that His will, His ways will win out. We can have faith.

Faith is simply that I believe what He has told us in His word regardless of what I see and experience around me. That’s it. It’s a choice to believe.

If He is good, and He is, then He has good in store for you. I have seen Him lavish good upon those most wounded, most oppressed and He has transformed their lives to complete healing and freedom. He is ready to do the same for you.

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