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Only God is able to do this…

Here’s the story:

A woman called me and told me that she was driving across a bridge thinking about driving off and killing herself.

Her phone was on the passenger’s seat and suddenly turned on. Then, it turned on Facebook and then turned on a video of me. As she listened, she calmed and changed her mind.

Okay, that in itself is amazing but think about this. Has your phone ever just turned on like this? Mine hasn’t. And, you can’t watch a video I’ve done unless you are following my Facebook page and she didn’t even know who I was. 

But, God knew us both.

I live at least 1,000 miles from her and we had no way to connect on our own. There was no way that I could have known what she was going through and no way she could have accidentally found a video of me to help her when she most needed it.

She went home, watched the rest of the video, and tracked me down. We got to talk for a while and I just fell in love with her. God is in love with her too.

Here’s my take away:

  1. We have an absolutely, mind-blowing God of the impossible.
  2. God can connect anyone with anyone else on the planet at any time.
  3. He cares about you and will do all He can (even turn on your phone and place a video of a woman you don’t know one it) to show you that He loves you.
  4. Small things we do (like make a video) can have a huge and life-changing effect on others. When I made the video I had no idea it would change a life.
  5. You matter. What you do makes an impact in ways you may never know.  
  6. Your life is important to God. He hears the cry of your heart and answers it.

I have some struggles going on right now in my own life. Don’t we all? But, I do not fear, I’m not anxious or worried because this is our God – our God is able. When He can do something so amazing, why would I?

What has He done in your life recently that made you stop in amazement? I’d love to hear. Email me at

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“I work with individuals to actually find themselves in Christ and have their lives truly function well in Him. Often I am serving those most hurt by the world – those who have experienced severe trauma and abuse and helping them to find complete healing from the pain and the memories.

I have seen the Lord heal hundreds. Nothing has been too difficult for Him.”

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