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Simple – Get Out of Debt

On the “finances” page you will find more about getting out of debt and general information about managing finances but we will talk about it just a bit here because it is a huge part of being able to live a simple life.

What we do with our resources is a spiritual issue.

Maybe I should say that what we do with what we have has more to do with our belief in God than we think. Now, I’m not talking here about debt that is caused by catastrophes, medical hardships, or grossly unexpected expenses, I’m talking about how we tend toward instant gratification. I’m talking about living past the resources God has given us rather than living a simple, thankful life with what we have.

Of course, the culture works against us. In America, we are being constantly told that we deserve new and better things, that we should not have to wait. We are sold debt as a product and we are buying it up like hotcakes. Or at least we were. Now that the economy has taken a huge downturn people are suddenly finding themselves unable to continue a lifestyle of buy now/pay later.

Scripture says that to owe another is to be a servant in bondage to them. Having to make those payments to your new master every month or else means that when in debt we truly are a slave to the debtor. Rather than owing, we are to discover that it is a gift to learn to live in simplicity and contentment.

Most likely we have all experienced the fun of buying something only to discover later that it didn’t bring us fulfillment or joy or anything of lasting value. Buying stuff never fills the holes inside us, only Christ can do that.

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We can only serve one master

If we are focused on living a simple life, then we are working on living with what we need, not spending on what we don’t, and living a life that matches what God calls us to do. Living within one’s means is also about living within God’s desire for our lives.

Going after wealth for the sake of wealth will steal your life, complicate it greatly and bring heartache and hardship. So, think simply.

Finances – focus on what you NEED? How much do you need to make in order to provide for these needs? What can you do to get there without going into debt AND have to give to others?

Ask the Lord to help you learn contentment and to be grateful for what He provides. Get educated on handling your finances correctly and focus on living simply, humbly before God. Here’s a link to a site that will help you to do just that: Seriously, click here for help getting out of debt.

To learn more about debt and finances on this site, click here.

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