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Seeing the Full Picture

I used to do cross-stitching a long time ago. My daughter was sitting on the floor, looked up at my needlework and said, “That is so ugly mommy.” 

I looked at the back of my work and absolutely agreed with her. From her perspective it was ugly. It looked random, haphazard, and very different than what I was creating. There were strings that didn’t make sense, knots that seemed out of place, and strings just hanging.

I invited her to come and see the front side. “Oh, that is soooo pretty.”

What my daughter saw from the back made no sense and was actually ugly.

What we see of God’s plan often looks the same.

We only see the back side of what God is doing. It can look wrong, ugly, confusing. One day God will call us to see the front of what He has been creating for us.

It will be beyond beautiful.

It will finally make sense.

We will be astonished at how everything fits together so beautifully.

Trust that what doesn’t make sense now – will. We will see a reason for all the unreasonableness. We will understand that what appeared random was actually necessary and what seemed ugly now has great beauty.

We are at His feet and trust that the work of His hands is beautiful right now even if we can’t see the true full picture.

Anything God is doing in your life right now that you need to trust Him with?

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