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Finances Have to be Talked About

Finances are something we as Christians don’t usually like to talk about and, yet, we have as many problems with them like everyone else.

What we do or don’t do with our resources has a lot to do with our life with Christ. It also seems to have just as much to do with being educated in handling those resources. That means that we need to talk about both.

We start by looking at our heart to make sure it is in line with what God would have us know about money and debt.

Jesus said that it was the “love of money” that was the root of all evil. Why? Because it shows a love for the things of this earth that is greater than a love for the God who made this earth.

When I love God more than money, I have a heart that is grateful, humbled by His provision, reliant upon Him for all things, and see what He provides as given to me to use FOR Him.

When I love money more than God, I have a heart that is not thankful but greedy. I have an attitude of entitlement and I believe that what I own I got through my own hand and is to be used for my own glory and for my purposes.

Money in itself is amoral. It is a tool like any other and can be used for good or evil. How we use it brings to the surface who we are and what we believe, so it can be a great mirror to look into our souls. It can show greed and selfishness, or generosity and altruism. It can be used to further the good news of Christ or hoarded for the good news of how much more we have than our neighbor.

What we find we take to the Lord. He is able and willing to change and heal our hearts, direct us in the use of what He gives us, and show us how money can be used to bring Him glory in our lives.

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Next we look at our ability to use money wisely.

Where to start? Too much month at the end of the money? Swimming in debt and don’t know how to reach the shore? Just need some help figuring out how to handle your money?

Without a good working knowledge of how to handle what God gives us we are at a great risk of really getting our finances in trouble.

A place for financial guidance

Maybe our hearts are right about money but we just can’t seem to get a hold on how to handle it correctly. In that case, to change our finances, debt, and spending habits we need some practical, hands-on, ready-to-use information.

I came across a site that is a fantastic combination of Biblical AND financial teaching. It is called Christian Personal Finance.” I highly recommend it. There is enough information there to educate you on exactly how to use what God provides in a way that is smart and Biblical.

To to to, click here.

“God loves a cheerful giver” and there are many areas of need where we can help. As we get a better handle on our finances we start to have more to give to help those in need. Here are two fantastic places to give cheerfully.

“I work with individuals to actually find themselves in Christ and have their lives truly function well in Him. Often I am serving those most hurt by the world – those who have experienced severe trauma and abuse and helping them to find complete healing from the pain and the memories.

I have seen the Lord heal hundreds. Nothing has been too difficult for Him.”