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Only Faith brings Peace

My husband has been in the ICU with covid pneumonia. For a week I did not know if he would live. Family and friends were praying and texting me. Throughout, I believed that God is good. Whatever the outcome, I had great peace about His will. How is that possible?

Faith. I believe everything God tells us about Himself. That meant as I pondered what my life might be like as a widow, I also never wavered in knowing that all that was happening was filtered through His love, goodness, kindness, power, and purpose.

He is either who He says that He is or He lies. I believe that He is Truth Himself so I did not worry even when I cried. I did not doubt even as the outcome was so uncertain and every day brought worse news. I had joy in His presence and my husband texted me that he could feel all the prayers.

Today he was moved out of ICU. We are looking at another week or more in the hospital and, of course, I’m not allowed to visit him but I know that the Lord has been constantly present with my husband and with us all. I know He has done amazing transformations in many who are on this journey with us.

He is good. All. The. Time.