Ready for the freedom to stop playing small?


I help Christian women go from feeling disconnected from God, themselves and others to engaged, passionate, powerful living.

For over two decades I have dedicated my life to bringing healing and empowered living to Christian women who want all they were meant to have.

They had felt frustrated with a life that felt too small and not being able to grab hold of the life they knew was just out of their reach.

Now, they feel powerfully sufficient, crazy confident and with a clear path to success.

Sound like something you need?

Imagine a life without:

A life of freedom that will create peace and success for you.

“I didn’t even see the areas where I was being held back! Dr. Kim helped me see the lies that I was believing about myself and how to change. I am literally not the same person I was 3 months ago.
I have no inhibition in my relationships and job anymore. It feels so freeing to show up as my authentic self!
Loving life again!”


Do you resonate with any of the following?

Would you love to finally be comfortable being you?

Do you long to be really connected to the Lord but don't know how?

Want your mind to stop ruminating, self-sabotaging, limiting your future and triggering your today?

How about intentional, practical, planned monthly growth?

If so, the Connected Heart Project is for you!

The Connected Heart Project

If you are passionate and have a big vision for your life AND your business, then this program is designed for you.

You’ll discover your true identity and remove your internal limits.

You will connect your heart to Christ and your God-given purpose.

You will create a powerful mind shift to overcome any barriers.

Achieve more in 90 days than you thought possible!

Meet Dr. Kim West

I’m Dr. Kim West. I work with Christian women ready to stop playing small, own their design and impact their world.

Throughout my 20 years in private practice, I’ve been doing what others say can’t be done:

Bringing complete and permanent healing and removing internal roadblocks, quickly and easily!

Now, I’m combining my counseling, coaching, mentoring and spiritual direction skills with my PhD and solid Biblical M.Div. foundation to connect and heal your heart and empower you for success.

The Connected Heart Project Case Study

She received new-found confidence even in a male-dominated industry

Diane owned her own company in a male-dominated industry. Even though she was very successful, she always felt scared. She questioned her decisions, had self-deprecating self-talk and always felt that she was not good enough.

She found that she would self-sabotage and procrastinate on big decisions. She would always hit a wall and stop her company’s momentum and didn’t understand why.

She always felt like an imposter. Maybe she had just been lucky to be so successful. Some days she had this irrational fear that she was going to be exposed for the fraud she was. She didn’t even make eye contact with me as she “confessed” that she had one million dollars in the bank.

Diane was becoming depressed and anxious at a time in life when she should have been celebrating! She no longer knew who she was or why. She just knew that something inside her was not right.

We uncovered the disconnect in her heart and mind that lied to her about who she was and caused her to doubt herself. We restored her to her true self, connected her deeply with Christ and gave her a peaceful, powerful mind.

Covid hit and her business fell apart but with her new-found confidence in herself, she simply started a new company and it is thriving!

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When you join The Connected Heart Project, you’ll gain deep support on your journey through Live, Interactive (and Personalized) Training from Dr. Kim.

This 90-day path will guide you to the POWERFUL and TRUE YOU where life opens up (finally) to a fearless and limitless future of joyful success…

Transform Your Thinking

“Recently I prayed that God would send someone into my life who would help me. I felt stuck and knew I needed a guide to help me. I’d been reading books, following counselors on social media, and even met with a Christian counselor, but wasn’t getting the help I needed.

God brought Dr. Kim into my life and, WOW! Her approach is so different! She understands trauma, saw lies in my life that Satan convinced me to believe, and best of all, she helped me transform my thinking! I feel so free now.

I am so thankful God answered my prayers and brought me Dr. Kim!”



90 Days of Intensive Heart Restoration with Dr. Kim. We will rebuild your identity into a healthy, strong, confident YOU. We will strip off the old, ill-fitting identity so you can step into the woman you were always meant to be. You are going to love this new you.

Connection with Christ that is more than you ever dreamed possible. As you find your true self as He designed you to be, your relationship with Him will become real and powerful and joyful. You will live in His presence, hear His voice and know how to go to Him for healing, inspiration and direction for daily life. This opens up a whole, new future and there are no limitations.

Eye-opening and heart-healing training (video, audio, and written formats) sent to you every Monday to start your week empowered and moving forward. I’m pouring two decades of experience getting my clients healed, whole and free into CHP. A rebuilt life awaits you.

Retrain your mind so that you have no more inner bully, a mind that is controlled, calm and strong and that no longer is triggered, reacting and anxious. Your mind will be your greatest ally in your success once you know how to tap into it.

Change your relationship with God, yourself and others. We start with you and Christ in an amazing connection, move to you loving and liking yourself and then moving outward to healthy, life-giving relationships throughout your life. Boundaries? No problem.

Weekly live Q&A Zoom calls with Dr. Kim to go even deeper and quickly implement the transformation into your now successful life. These calls are 90 minutes of pure gold. Our very small group meetings are exactly what you need to apply all you are learning.

Daily interaction through our private community (Mighty Networks). This is not Facebook. This is our own platform, totally private and where we can meet every day in a community of ever growing Christian women.

…Connect Your Heart to Christ

-soul healing, joy-giving, real and powerful love with the Lord.

…Connect Your Heart to Yourself

-love and truly like who you are. Believe in yourself and your potential.

…Connect Your Heart to Others

-a healthy, whole you will be enabled to have great relationships.

…Connect Your Heart to the World

-true to yourself you will move out into the world and have real success.

Connected Heart Project

$ 4,500
  • 90 Days of Intensive Heart Restoration
  • Eye-Opening and Heart-Healing Training
  • Daily Interaction
  • 3 Weekly Live Zoom Q&A Calls

Want to speed up your healing and MAGNIFY your results?

If this program sounds like a fit for you, but you also want the incredibly fast healing that comes from one-on-one counseling with me, then Connected Heart Plus+ may be the perfect next step in your healing journey!

I have 5 spaces reserved for women like you to have direct, individual access to me each week in addition to our group sessions. You receive weekly, private, 1-to-1 Zoom calls with me, plus email interactions and text connection throughout our three month journey.

This will greatly magnify your results! Not only are you going to be a part of our community, growing with other Christian women, but you will also have individualized help from me! If you are a go-getter that is more than ready to GO BIG then the CHP Plus+ program is your expedited ticket to success.

Don’t miss out on personal, 1-on-1 attention as you transform your life! Let’s do this together.

Connected Heart Plus+

$ 7,500
  • 90 Days of Intensive Heart Restoration
  • Eye-Opening and Heart-Healing Training
  • Daily Interaction
  • 3 Weekly Live Zoom Q&A Calls
  • 12 one-on-one sessions with Dr. Kim for 90min

As I said in the beginning, "I help Christian women go from feeling disconnected from God, themselves and others to engaged, passionate, powerful living."

I invite you to the life you have always wanted. Actually, you can’t even imagine what is in store for you until you experience it for yourself. And, it is astonishing.

When you are comfortable in your own skin. When you believe in yourself and your abilities. When you and Christ are powerfully interacting every day, what is there that you cannot do?

You want peace. It will be yours. Do you want success? Let’s remove the limitations holding you back. Would you like to stop people pleasing, living for the approval of others at your own expense and actually implement boundaries without guilt? Not a problem.

I cannot wait for you to start living the big life Christ died to give you. No this isn’t a health and wealth type gospel. This is stepping into the new creation that you are because of His work on your behalf.

I’m calling us all to a life where joy is our daily normal. Where nothing holds us back from becoming every bit of what Christ designed us to be. To a true community of women who aren’t threatened by another’s glory.

I’d love to have you join us.

The Connected Heart Project is designed to help you walk with your head up and your heart filled with the goodness of God. Now, imagine women to the horizon doing the same.

See you inside,

Dr. Kim

100% Money Back
Guarantee Icon Here

CHP and CHP+ are for Christian women entrepreneurs and businesswomen who want to discover their true identities and remove their internal limits. If, after the first week, you don’t believe that this program will help you, just let me know and I will refund your investment.

BUT, you will need to show me that you put in the time and energy in the program, came to the Zoom calls, and interacted with the materials. I’m going to pour my heart and soul to help you have the freedom to create the business and life you want only ask that you to fully participate.

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