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Dating Jesus

We really like Jesus. When we are in worship there is a feeling of wonderful emotion. He is such a good friend and we enjoy spending time with Him here and there throughout our week.
We really like the world. There is so much that we delight in and indulge in. There are endless ways to divert our attention, great things to see and do. Sure, our friend, Jesus, isn’t a fan of all our interests but it isn’t like we don’t spend time with Him too. We are dating Jesus and the world. We haven’t made a real, solid, for-life commitment to Him alone quite yet.
Dating means I get to try on options. Sometimes those options are amazing and some not so much but commitment would just limit what I can experience and lock me into one way of being and one person to be with. There are still wild oats to sow. And, after all, we do have eternity with Him coming.
We are the bride, but not today. I mean He hasn’t come for us yet so there is still time to date the world while we wait. When we see Him coming THEN it will be time to cut our losses and focus fully on Him. Right?
The Lord talks a lot about His people committing adultery with Him. We whore after other gods, after the world and its ways. We treat Him as if He is one option of many and if His covenant love for us is something we can choose to join later.
The world pleasures us and pressures us away from the bridegroom. Like Eve, we allow ourselves to be deceived, to listen to the voice that lures us away to sin against our great Love. We choose to believe that we can be lukewarm and that He will be okay with this because there are benefits in still being a part of the world.
He sees us as already His. We are His bride, His possession, His redemption. This is true right now even though we do not yet experience the full glory of it. We are this moment, the Bride of Christ. Do we act like we are about to be joined eternally with the love of our life? He IS coming for His bride you know.
It is time to fully commit as He has. The Holy Spirit has been given to us as proof of His decision to covenant with us. We cannot answer, “maybe” or “later” to the proposal. Now is the time. No more fooling ourselves that we can date Jesus. All others, all else must be forsaken. Our eyes are to be fully on our love – Christ and His glory.
As a bride excitedly anticipating her wedding day, it is the focus of every moment until then. Her love creates blinders so that nothing else entices. Fall deeply in love with Jesus and the world will have nothing to compete. Dating as an option is a lie. Decide today what you will do to cleanse your heart and choose only Jesus.

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