Be Permanently Healed in a Weekend
Instead of Spending Years in Therapy Without Real, Lasting Results

What is a Counseling Intensive?

It is a weekend where we have come away from your daily life and its obligations in order to be focused entirely on your healing. 

It is the way to get your trauma and abuse memories healed quickly so you can get on with living.

What can I expect?

In a counseling intensive, you can expect to be cared for deeply. I will provide a safe, nurturing environment where we can focus entirely on those issues that have kept you from living in freedom and healing.

You can expect that I will be 100% focused on you. There are no distractions, no daily obligations to get in the way of you receiving permanent, complete healing.

We come away from daily life so that I can give you all the attention and care needed to lose the anxiety, fears, wounds, guilt, sadness, and obstacles that have kept you from truly living free.

You can expect that Christ will bring you inner healing, freedom and restoration. You can also expect a deeper, more intimate relationship with the Lord as one of the outcomes of an intensive.

You can expect to leave the intensive freer than you ever thought possible and with healing that will be permanent and amazing.

Watch this video now to discover how you can also heal from your trauma in just 3 days. Guaranteed...


I couldn't have been more skeptical but I also couldn't take the pain anymore. I'd been in counseling before and it didn't change anything. So, why would this weekend intensive thing work?

Well, it did! I'm still stunned. Those memories that haunted me don't bother me at all now. Instead, when I do think about them, and it isn't often, I just feel the peace of Christ. I am forever grateful for what Dr. West has done for me. I am healed and free!
I walked into the weekend intensive with the weight of the world on my shoulders and walked out free as a bird.

God is so good and Dr. Kim is an amazing counselor.
I wanted to get over the things that have bothered me for so long and I was ready to dive in and get it done. I signed up for the counseling intensive thinking it would get me a jump start on my issues but figured I'd still need a lot of counseling after.

Well, we got so much accomplished that I have only needed two follow up sessions and they were both for really small issues.

Who is it for?

Intensives work best for those who have experienced:

woman hiding her face in a pillow showing emotional problems

What is included in the Intensive Counseling?

photo of a woman in front beach spreading arms as a sign of freedom and joy

What would it be worth to you to finally be free of the painful memories? 

What will your life be like when you are permanently healed from all you have been through? 

The investment in a counseling intensive is a small price to pay for healing and freedom that will last you a lifetime.

After the counseling intensive, you can get on with your life without being burdened or haunted by your past and pain.

You will be freed to live the life Christ intended for you and become His design for you. No more obstacles of the heart to limit your life.

Can I just make an appointment for a Weekend Intensive?

First, we need to find out if a weekend counseling intensive is how God wants to bring His healing to you. 

We will need to talk a bit and if we decide to go forward, we will meet, either in person or by phone, for one session prior to the intensive counseling. This will build a relationship between us and help me to understand you and your issues before we begin. I don’t want to waste any time when we get there so we do a bit of work on the front end.

Is a Counseling Intensive Right for You?

It’s a big decision to make so let’s talk about it and see if this will be how God wants you to get healed and free.
Use the Contact Form so I can reach you or one of the Consultation buttons and we will see if this is right for you.

Just so you know, there are four packages that range from a one day mini-intensive at $1500 to a full intensive with six months of additional full life transformation coaching for $9997. I have payment options available if needed.


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