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You can schedule a Christian counseling appointment with me right from this website. Just choose the type of counseling appointment, pick the day and time that works best for you, make a payment, and choose whether you’d like to meet by phone, by Zoom online video, or at Expedition Church in Payson.

~ In Christ, Dr. Kim West

Appointments meet at Expedition Church, by phone or online video.

Is a Counseling Intensive Right for You?

It’s a big decision to make so let’s talk about it and see if this is the method God wants use to bring you healing and freedom from traumatic memories.

Use the Contact Form below or schedule a “Healed in a Weekend” consultation with me above so we can talk and decide whether a counseling intensive is right for you.

Yes, You absolutely can be healed in a single weekend

If you have experienced trauma or abuse you absolutely can be set free from the memories and pain - in just 3 days!

A Weekend Counseling Intensive is guaranteed to heal those deep hurts that hold you back and hold you captive.  
At the end of the intensive  those memories of deep pain will never hurt you again.
Permanent healing is waiting for you.  


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