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Are Your Core Values Guiding Your Life?

If your core values aren’t guiding and directing your life you are not living your best life! Living what you believe is truly important gives guidance, purpose, and importance to your life.

When you know what you value and you choose place this at your core and live by it, then you can say “no” to what does not match and “yes” to what does.

If you looked at the balanced living section you saw a graph called a “life wheel.” Below is the same graph but now the center shows that you can start to think of life and balance it based upon your core values rather than someone else’s ideas of what matters.

Core values life and balance wheel

Start by figuring out what is motivating your life. What do you value? Are you just wandering through? Are others determining what is important for you? Did you just end up here? Or do you know what is important to you but somehow haven’t figured out how to live it?

As Christians, we say that Christ is at our core and He is what we value. We really want to live our lives for Him but somehow this hasn’t quite worked out. Don’t lose hope, we will learn to have the love of God at our center and live out the values, passions, and gifts He has given us.

Would an exercise to help identify your core values be helpful? Then click here.

This link will take you to an exercise to help you determine what you truly value in your life. After the exercise, you can place those terms in the center of this wheel and start to see how it could change your life from one that is just happening to more purposeful and passionate living.

Taking core values to daily life

Now that you have identified your core values and have placed them, so to speak, at the center of the wheel pick one area and we’ll look at it together.

For the area you picked look at how you rated it and then at your core values. Do you see any correlation? What are you doing in that area that does not fit what you believe?

If you are not living out what you truly value then it will affect the decisions you make in that area. If you were to put your values into practice for that area do you see that you could make the changes you want? And doing so would bring satisfaction, peace, and balance.

Work on putting your core beliefs into practice in one area at a time and watch your life blossom.

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