You can be free. You can be healed. You can be equipped.

Discover a deep, intimate love relationship with Christ
that will be your joy and center.

You can have a life in Christ that works.

Licensed Clinical Pastoral Christian Counselor

Hi, I'm Dr. Kim West. 

I’ve been doing what others say can’t be done for two decades – completely and permanently heal trauma, abuse and mental roadblocks quickly and easily. No years of therapy. No tolerable recovery, just removing all obstacles to success.

Combining my Doctorate in Clinical Pastoral Counseling with my Master of Divinity and twenty years of success-based counseling, I have brought real healing and true freedom to hundreds of clients.

With my help, these high achieving and entrepreneurial Christian women end the self-sabotage and remove the mental roadblocks that held them back and kept them stuck. After working with me, there are no internal limitations left to keep them from accomplishing their dreams.

I am also passionate about writing and teaching my methods. I’m starting a  revolution of counselors world wide with the same abilities to set their clients free to change the world.

My Background

I hold a a Ph.D. from Colorado Theological Seminary and a Master of Divinity from Phoenix Seminary. I am a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor and a Certified Christian Marriage and Family Therapist. I have been in ministry to the body of Christ for 20 years. To me, all that I do is about removing any obstacles to being a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

I work with individuals to actually find themselves in Christ and have their lives truly function well in Him. Often I am serving those most hurt by the world – those who have experienced severe trauma and abuse and helping them to find complete healing from the pain and the memories.

I have seen the Lord heal hundreds. Nothing has been too difficult for Him.

What Others Are Saying

"My friends keep commenting on how different I am since the weekend breakthrough. I feel different too.

If I had known I could heal from my past in just a few days I would have done this years ago. Better late than never, right? Thank you, Kim. You have changed my entire future."
"For anyone, who needs and wants healing, without the whole months and/or years of counseling without any true and lasting freedom.

I highly recommend Dr. Kim West! I praise God for sending His chosen vessel along when He did."

"I think you are the best Christian counselor I've ever counseled with and I’ve been to a dozen in my lifetime.

In my spirit, I believe this is such a sacred calling and I hope God blesses you with many clients."

We Were Made for More

We feel it deeply inside even if it is only a tiny voice that breaks through occasionally.

We know it at the core of our being even if our inner bully, the world and our experiences argue against it.

There IS more and we will move heaven and earth to get to it, to own it and to be it.

More isn’t about stuff. It isn’t about position or power or prestige.
More is having and loving an unshakeable identity. It is being comfortable in our own skin, our own uniqueness and a determination to be no one else. More is being the totality of our design and rocking the world with it.

I celebrate how God has made me in all my power and fragility. And, I celebrate my sisters in Christ who are willing to break out of their assigned identity and claim what is true.

There is a new kind of Christian woman coming forth. I am her and I am here to help you find your true you.

Yes, You absolutely can be healed in a single weekend

If you have experienced trauma or abuse you absolutely can be set free from the memories and pain - in just 3 days! 

A Weekend Counseling Intensive is guaranteed to heal those deep hurts that hold you back and hold you captive.  
At the end of the intensive  those memories of deep pain will never hurt you again.
Permanent healing is waiting for you. 

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