We have THE Counselor, THE Healer and
THE Truth Himself

here with us to guide us and bring us freedom.

Christian Counseling Services and
Life Coaching to...

Be Healed

If you have trauma, abuse or pain that is limiting you, we have a God that heals completely and permanently.
Anxiety, stress, depression – all that might be holding you back, is no match for our Great God.

Finally put a painful past behind you. Don’t let the past hold you back because there is a joyful, healed and good future waiting for you.

Be Whole

Know your true design and purpose and how and where to live it out. Know how to have healthy relationships,
set great boundaries, and communicate well. Bring every area of your life under Christ and have your heart made complete in Him.
Live a practical, intentional, growing, victorious, daily life in Christ.

Live Free

Truly connected with Christ, you and He are living life together out of the healing and wholeness He has given you.
You are impacting your world in any and every way He wants. Joy is your daily, pervasive way of being.
True Christian life coaching so you can fully live out the best possible version of your God-given design.

This is a journey greater than any other. Let’s take it together. Let’s invest in healing, wholeness, and freedom because the world desperately needs you and me to show it the love of Christ and the way to life eternal with Him. 

Stop being held back. Start being intentional in becoming fully healed, wholly you, and free to impact the world. 

What Others Are Saying:

"My friends keep commenting on how different I am since the weekend breakthrough. I feel different too.

If I had known I could heal from my past in just a few days I would have done this years ago. Better late than never, right? Thank you, Kim. You have changed my entire future."
"For anyone, who needs and wants healing, without the whole months and/or years of counseling without any true and lasting freedom.

I highly recommend Dr. Kim West! I praise God for sending His chosen vessel along when He did."

"I think you are the best Christian counselor I've ever counseled with and I’ve been to a dozen in my lifetime.

In my spirit, I believe this is such a sacred calling and I hope God blesses you with many clients."

Counseling Intensive

A counseling intensive is a weekend where we have come away from your daily life and its obligations in order to be focused entirely on your healing.

In a counseling intensive, you can expect to be cared for deeply. I will provide a safe, nurturing environment where you can focus entirely on those issues that have kept you from living in freedom and healing.

God is certainly able to heal even your deepest hurts quickly.

I have already helped many people just like you find real, permanent, healing and freedom in just a weekend. No need to spend years in therapy and still be struggling.

We will remove the obstacles that keep joy from being your natural state of being and your faith and relationship with God will come alive. I will help you to be truly free, fully healed, and equipped to live in a relevant, real-life, God-glorifying way, ready to impact the world.

Individual Counseling

Counseling can bring you freedom from past issues, trauma, sexual abuse, and old wounds that don’t go away.

It can help you with current relationships by learning to set boundaries, deal with anger that seems out of control, examine those feelings of being out of place with others, and habitually picking the wrong person. I have seen the Lord bring healing to those who did not think it possible.

I have witnessed those in bondage be set completely free to their great joy and amazement!

You can learn to change destructive behaviors sabotaging patterns, addictions, and habits that keep you stuck.

Christian counseling Is your relationship with Christ not what you want? You can learn to have more intimacy with Him, work through anger toward God, dispel the distant you feel toward Him, and experience the promises of life with Him.

Through Christ-centered Christian counseling services you can:

We all need help from time to time. And, as Christians, we need to find a counselor who will not only address and help with our issues but will help us with our life in Christ

I specialize in bringing people closer to our Lord as we work together. As a matter of fact, that is my goal – to remove any obstacle in the way of you experiencing the joy of relationship with Jesus. Whatever is getting in the way of your abundant, victorious life in Christ, it absolutely can be removed. 

You were made to know the Lord intimately and powerfully. Let me help you. Here are three options below:

Need Help?

For some people, the information on this site and others like it will be helpful enough to bring some understanding and change. Others may need some additional help from Christian counseling services in order to find complete restoration.

Possibly, reading about the issue you are struggling with here will help you determine if you need to talk with me one on one.

If you decide you do want to speak with me about the issues in your life that are keeping you from living in freedom and complete restoration then contact me here and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Yes, You absolutely can be healed in a single weekend

If you have experienced trauma or abuse you absolutely can be set free from the memories and pain - in just 3 days! 

A Weekend Counseling Intensive is guaranteed to heal those deep hurts that hold you back and hold you captive.  
At the end of the intensive  those memories of deep pain will never hurt you again.
Permanent healing is waiting for you. 

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