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I’M Done with Humanist “Christian” Counseling

Christian counseling that leaves one with a better limp is not a true reflection of our God.

He is God of the impossible so nothing less than complete and permanent healing from trauma and abuse should be acceptable.

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You Are Not a Permanent Victim of Your Past Unless you Choose to be

Trauma, abuse, dysfunctional family of origin issues, imposter syndrome, and more are routinely healed completely and permanently for my clients. I don’t believe in “tolerable recovery” and neither should you. What I’m offering you is a future set free from the past – actual recovery.

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I Imagine an Army of Healed, Whole and Free Christian Women – Starting With You

Don’t believe the lie that trauma is bigger than God’s ability to heal completely and permanently. Take Him up on His promise to heal the brokenhearted and set the captives free. I have never seen Him fail. Your issues won’t be too big for Him.

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Yes, You absolutely can be healed in a single weekend

If you have experienced trauma or abuse you absolutely can be set free from the memories and pain - in just 3 days! 

A Weekend Counseling Intensive is guaranteed to heal those deep hurts that hold you back and hold you captive.  
At the end of the intensive  those memories of deep pain will never hurt you again.
Permanent healing is waiting for you.