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Do You Have a Chemical Imbalance?

I’m sure you’ve heard this before. You have a chemical imbalance in your brain so you need medications to fix this. This is why you have depression or anxiety or whatever is ailing you. Then you are prescribed powerful psychiatric drugs. You start on the medications and you might feel a bit better at first but what is really happening?

Anti-depressants, benzodiazepines, sedatives, hypnotics, and muscle relaxants – psychiatric medications are extremely powerful drugs but what are they doing to you? Are they balancing your brain or doing something else?

But aren't they helpful?

I invite you to watch the video from Dr. Peter Breggin. He will explain to you that the only biochemical imbalance you get is from the drugs your psychiatrist gives you. This will be much needed information for those of you who are on these medications or considering taking them.

Trailblazing psychiatrist Peter R. Breggin, MD in his first of the series: Simple Truths About Psychiatry: Do You Have A Biochemical Imbalance? Dr. Breggin debunks the myth of biochemical imbalance and examines what is known about “mental illness.” Further information may be found on Dr. Breggin’s website and in his many books, including his latest: Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal: A Guide for Prescribers, Therapists, Patients, and Their Families. See more at his website

You don't have a chemical imbalance until you take psychiatric drugs

It is a lie that you have a biochemical imbalance and that psychiatric drugs will rebalance your brain. It was a marketing ploy not based upon science. It was designed to sell drugs and it has worked all too well.

It is the drugs that unbalance your brain and then you have to take another drug to counteract the side effects of the first drug and then another to counteract the second one and on it goes. In the end, you can become a shell of your old self, drugged, addicted, and lost.

Do your research before you take such powerful drugs.

Don’t take my word or your doctor’s word or doctor Breggin’s word, do your own research on these drugs. Look up sites on withdrawal from your specific drug before you start to take them. It is so hard to come off of these highly addictive drugs. Read what others, actual people, are saying about what has happened to them. These drugs have the capacity to destroy your life and it is up to you to be informed about drugs you injest. It is your body and you are responsible for it. I personally never take any prescription until I look it up.

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