Balance Your Life

Because we have so many different parts to our lives - family and friends, career and finances, health and fun, personal and spiritual growth, to name just a few, maintaining balance among them…

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Declutter Your Life

So, then, clutter in our lives shows itself in confusion, noise, disorder; a jumble of too many activities and too much stuff filling our lives and covering us over.

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Time Management

I remember buying an audio course on time management and then being too busy to listen to it!! What is wrong with that picture? If we do not decide what to do with our days it will be decided for us. The days will fly by the years become a blur if we do not take control of the time God gives us.

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Goals Simplify Life

Have you set goals for where will you be in 5 years? What will you be doing? Why? Do you have a plan for your life? What are your options? What do you need to prepare?

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The Simple Life

The Industrial Revolution changed the way we do daily life. More and more “conveniences” made it possible to have more time. We filled that “free” time, packing it full until we became slaves to endless opportunities and to do lists.

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