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Balance Your Life

Because we have so many different parts to our lives – family and friends, career and finances, health and fun, personal and spiritual growth, to name just a few, maintaining balance among them can be very difficult.

As one particular area of life begins to require more attention, we are able to give other areas less attention and life gets off kilter. Our lives also become unbalanced when we just have not given enough time and energy to areas that need it maybe because we just haven’t given it much thought or haven’t been able to get to it because of other pressing life issues.

Well, now is the time to start addressing the problem of balancing our lives in and for Christ.

The Life Wheel

Above you will see a coaching tool called a “life wheel.” We will use it to get a picture of where your life might be out of balance.

If you were to rate each area listed on the wheel (and feel free to add areas or change the titles to better fit your life) on a scale from 1-10, where 1=totally unhappy and 10=great, how would you rate your life?

After you give each area a score, color it in up to the assigned number to see whether your “wheel” is round and able to roll.

Where your wheel is not round, gives you a picture of which areas of life to start to focus upon. The goal is to bring all the areas to about the same level so it is in balance.

A “10” in every area would be ideal, but let’s shoot for an even number for now. You will find that as you start to achieve a level life wheel, even if the level is still not where you want it, your life will begin to feel more in control.

Don't get overwhelmed

As you look at your life wheel, let yourself know that Christ is right there with you. No matter what emotions arise as you look at your life, know that He is there, will bring you comfort, and also knows the solutions to getting life back on track.

You may have let your life get out of balance, but He is always able to bring your life back to the center.

And when you decide to work with Him on creating a life that glorifies Him and blesses you, He will be there with you every step of the way.

In the days to come there will be more articles on bringing each area of your life with Christ back to the center. For, now, maybe it would be good to spend some time with the Lord talking over your life and what He wants it to be.

Taking steps toward balance

There are a lot of items that come into play when we start to balance our lives.

Example: What is not working: You’ve scored pretty low on health and self-care. You are finding you have less energy for daily life, you may be getting ill more often and certainly aren’t looking and feeling the way you’d like.

How it got that way: Has not taking care of yourself been the normal way of life for you? Have circumstances changed and now you are realizing that you are no longer taking care of yourself as you used to? Or, is it that you just never gave a lot of thought to the long-term ramifications of not caring for yourself and now are realizing it is time?

How to fix it: Determine what steps you can take today, tomorrow, next week, and long term to implement caring for yourself. Get a goal on paper and a date to reach it. Now, start working on it.

What is at your core will balance your life

As you are working on re-balancing your life realize that when you know your core values and place that at the center, then you will have greater direction for your life.

Below is a link to a page and exercise that will help you realize your core values.

You will learn to balance your life wheel when your core values are at the center directing your way. Now, every area of your life will be directed by what you believe is the most important for your life.

Knowing your core values makes it easy to say “no” to what doesn’t fit and “yes” to what does. And that will make balancing your life so much easier.

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