My Purpose in Life

You were made to love Him and He has given you a purpose on the earth. He has gifted you specifically for the task and you will glorify Him most when you live out His design fully. When you know that your main reason to exist is to be loved by God and to love Him with all that you are, then the next step is to figure out how specifically to do that. That means that you are unique. You alone can live out the life God designed for you.

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Anxiety Help

More and more people are suffering from anxiety. Even Christians are finding anxiety taking over their lives. It can be devastating, life-altering and terrifying to live with anxiety daily.

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Stress is Good for you

What do I mean that stress is good? Here's an example. Remember the "biodome" in Tucson? For one year a few scientists were locked into a habitat consisting of domes. It was sealed from the outside world and the experiment was designed to see if it could be completely self-sustaining. It had to produce its own air, water and food.

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The Blame Game

Shifting the blame is a common method to get out of the guilt we would otherwise feel. If I can put the guilt on you, then I’m off the hook at least a little bit. In this study we will look at King Saul in 1 Samuel and his attempt to not take responsibility for his behavior by trying to shift the blame.

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Communication is the Key

Communication define as "any act by which one person gives to or receives from another person information about that person's needs, desires, perceptions, knowledge, or affective states."

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Declutter Your Life

So, then, clutter in our lives shows itself in confusion, noise, disorder; a jumble of too many activities and too much stuff filling our lives and covering us over.

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