The Working Mom | Working Woman

If you are a working woman then you might be looked upon as one who doesn't really love her kids as much as she should. You might be seen as one who only has low quality time and attention left to give your kids. You might be seen as wrongly ambitious, missing the "calling" of a Christian woman and competing with your husband for authority.

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The Christian Divorced Woman

If you are a divorced Christian woman, then you might be seen as damaged, unworthy, or inadequate. Others might think that it is your fault and if only you had "(fill in the blank here)" then your marriage would have worked. You may be seen as less fit to serve Christ and His church.

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Weight Problems

Weight problems look pretty obvious to you, right? Well, yes, you can see the results of overeating but the reasons that cause one to overeat are hidden below the surface and not obvious at all.

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The Stay at Home Mom

Staying at home with the kids is awesome, exhausting, funny, infuriating and that is all before lunch. It is a hard job to be with kids all day as those of you who do it know. But many women who have filled those shoes have raised up godly men and women who have gone on to impact the world in significant ways.

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