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A proper resistance to tyranny

Have you been watching what has been going on in Canada and in many other countries as well? Truckers took to the highways and went to their capital in protest. Tens of thousands of citizens have joined them. What are we to make of this?

What should be the response from Christians? Well, I want to suggest a book to you to put it all into perspective.

The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates – a proper resistance to tyranny and a repudiation of unlimited obedience to civil government.

Now, that’s a mouthful. It is also not a warm and fuzzy title that makes me want to curl up with a cup of tea and dive right in. BUT, it is an amazing book if you want to truly understand a Biblical response to when to obey and when to disobey the government.

I am making no statement here for or against the demonstrations happening around the world. What I am doing is offering you a reasoned, logical, Christ-centered answer to the question, “What should I, as a Christian, do in these times? Must we always obey the government?”

The gist of the book goes like this: God gives the law and the government is responsible to follow and implement that law. 

Governments are set up with layers of those responsible to follow God’s ways. From the top down it should be that the government does right by the governed.

If the leader at the top doesn’t follow what is right, then the person next in line is responsible to disobey and do what is right. If that one doesn’t disregard an unlawful or ungodly command, then the next in line must. This continues down to the local level where if all those above with authority do not follow God’s ways, then that one must. And, then it comes down to the individual should even that person follow his superiors instead of The Sovereign God.

Order followers throughout the time that have carried out edicts from those above them that are ungodly and immoral are responsible for every atrocity that has ever happened. 

Had they realized that they would answer directly to God to follow His ways when those above him would not, then they would not have carried out those commands. “I was just following orders” excuses no one unless those orders are God’s. 

I watched a video of police on horses purposefully trampling peaceful demonstrators. Someone gave that order and that ungodly order was obeyed. Each officer had to make the decision to obey their superior or do what was right in God’s eyes. Tragically, they decided to do what God would never condone. 

They should have disobeyed.

Again, I’m not giving any opinion on the protests but each of us has to decide what we will do when those above us command us to do what is against God’s will in any situation.

During the Holocaust, individuals defied their leaders and hid Jews in their homes. This is a perfect example of a complete failure of leadership that left it to the individual to follow God’s ways rather than man’s. 

I suggest that we educate ourselves so that we are ready to follow God regardless of the situation or what those in authority above us tell us to do. Scripture tells us that the times will worsen. We need to know how to respond. Today is a good day to figure that out. 

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